Critical Thinking and Science Based Podiatrist Boot Camp

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This is the ‘research methods’ course you wish you had at University. This course will make you into a better critical thinker and consumer of research. It will give you a better understanding of all the issues in social media vs the published scientific evidence and how that applies to clinical practice. It will take you through the issues surrounding science and pseudoscience and the impacts this has on you in general, and specifically in clinical practice. All the way through each lesson will feature practical issues that impact on clinical practice to illustrate the point. Above all, this course will be fun and entertaining. It explores the skills that I learnt before embarking on my blogging adventure at Run Research Junkie and Its a Foot Captain, but not as we know it.

What this course is not, is a boring course on research methods and statistics. It does explore issues in statistics and research methods that underpin critical thinking that is needed to make you a better clinician and a better consumer of research in general and a better contributor to a science based future in our lives.earners.

Course details here.
Enroll/register here: (costs are in USD; PayPal will convert this to other currencies)

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