Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Monthly Payment

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The mission statement for the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp has always been “The practical application of all the most recent thoughts, concepts, ideas, theories and research on foot biomechanics and foot orthotics into clinical practice.” This online version takes it even further. In the past the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp has covered 2 days of lectures and some practical work. This online versions contains at least 4 days’ worth of content broken down into a manageable 20-30 minute chunks with videos, demos, interviews, lectures and the ability to ask and respond to questions. Each topic is developed in much more depth and detail than the 2 day course. The course is guided and interactive. Checks are regularly made of understanding and after working your way through the course a certificate is produced. The registration for this course gives you lifelong access to the materials so you can go over it again at any time, especially when sections get added to as new information becomes available. There is even a private Facebook to support learners.

Course details here.

Full registration is USD$390 (enroll here for that); alternatively, payment can be made in 5 monthly payments of $USD80 ($400 total). No discounts can be applied to the monthly payment.

Enroll/register here to pay monthly: (costs are in USD)


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